Friday, March 14, 2014

A “Pearl” Of A Doctor! Dr. Steven Pearlman Gives His Patients A “Lift” In More Ways Than One!

By: Anne M. Raso

I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Steven Pearlman during a New York Fashion Week event in his office last month. I was able to see one of his medical staff perform Ultherapy, which tightens up the neck area (as well as reducing the look of lines) and was amazed at the results in this “lunch time” procedure. (I have never seen anything non-invasive that actually helped correct jowls before, so it was really exciting!)
Dr. Steven Pearlman
Dr. Pearlman features a lot of the latest cutting edge technology in his practice and is often one of those special doctors who is employed to do development on procedures. Dr. P’s in the know about what’s coming next and I was thrilled to learn that not only are there many less invasive procedures on the market now that give a lift—including his own patented PearLift is non-invasive—but that the pricing of them is only a fraction of what surgery would be. If you are curious what three procedures The Pearl Lift entails, it starts with the aforementioned Ultherapy…then continues with the Dot fractionated CO2 laser; the Pearl Lift actually rejuvenates the skin inside and out.
Dr. Pearlman at work
One of the latest and most popular fillers he has been using in the past two or three months has been the use of Juvederm’s Voluma, which actually lasts for an incredible two years for most patients. (Dr. Pearlman was actually a chosen “educator” to other plastic surgeons on the use of Voluma.) It’s no secret that adding volume to the face makes it look more youthful. This procedure costs $1250 at Dr. Pearlman’s office and it’s a bargain compared to traditional fillers like Restylane, which doctors charge about $750 per procedure for, with results lasting just three to six months. Just for the record, Dr. P is still a big fan of using Botox, especially on the “11” area and it seems to still be a tried-and-true plastic surgeon’s favorite in terms of anti-aging procedures.
Treatment Room
I personally received Juvederm Ultra Plus from Dr. Pearlman. I needed something to reduce my tear duct lines and he brilliantly suggested that I get this filler in my upper cheek area; it magically made half the curved lines directly under my eyes disappear and took off five to ten years. Giving a little more fullness to the upper cheek also gives a more youthful look in general and creates more a heart shaped face.
Front Lobby
Dr. Pearlman’s practice also offers laser hair removal, the new Platelet Rich Plasma which assists with wound healing, customized skin care, WOW Cheeks, laser resurfacing and more. In terms of classic plastic surgery, he performs brow lifts, face lifts, lip augmentation, facial implants, rhinoplasty, septoplasty and more. I love that he spends so much time with his patients, gives the best (and sometimes unexpected) expert opinions on how to fix certain anti-aging problems and that although he’s got a Park Avenue address, he does not have Park Avenue prices. For more information on all of Dr. Pearl’s procedures and his past history as one of New York’s top plastic surgeons, go to or call Dr. Pearlman’s super-helpful and friendly front desk at 1-888-387.5811.

Photos By Anne Raso and courtesy Social Done Right

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