Friday, April 5, 2013

A Scent-scational I Coloniali Party at Mercato Trattoria

By: Anne M. Raso

I Coloniali fragrances are an elite yet affordable brand sold exclusively at Bigelow Pharmacy in the West Village that are already iconic in Europe (products are made in both Italy and France). Karen Dubin, a recently retired 50-something ad exec who is famous for putting on Sniffapalooza (the Woodstock for fragrance addicts) has proudly procured I Coloniali as her first PR client and when she recently shared her favorite products in the line with fragrance connoisseurs at Mercato Trattoria in Midtown, all ears were at attention.
The Collection

Like myself, Dubin liked the very raw and earthy Animal Oud and Mysterious Rose, but pointed out to all in attendance that Myrrh is her favorite in the I Coloniali body cream series. There are natural plant based bath gels, fizzies, creams and exfoliants in the line--not to mention the bargain-priced fragrance sprays. We recommend heading to the legendary Bigelow store and trying them all for yourself--they are very generous about giving out samples. For more info, go to

Photos by Anne Raso

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