Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rustic Modern at Granary Tavern's Preview Party

By: Jessica Cickay

Take one part rustic feel, add a dash of modern flair, incorporate all things bacon and finish it off with a locally-sourced menu and an exclamation point of sleek and chic décor, and BAM! Restaurant. Born. But, despite the equation seeming semi-standard at this point in the world of food and drink, my first trip to Granary Tavern, another addition to Boston’s tasty landscape by The Glynn Hospitality Group, may have just taken a bite out of my cynicism.
Interior Courtesy Granary Tavern
Located on Milk Street along the Greenway in the Financial District, the 250 seat restaurant has two floors, two bars and a four-season feel, complete with massive panoramic al fresco-style windows for the summertime and rugged wood beams and an earthy glow that caters to the coziness of winter. No matter the season, though, I predict that the on-point combination of atmosphere and menu offerings should only act as a magnet to both the after-work crowds and the weekend warriors.
Beer on Tap Courtesy Granary Tavern
I really thought the rustic-modern tug-of-war going on boosted Granary Tavern’s appeal, but only because they nailed the execution. The décor didn’t seem lame or make me feel like I was at a theme park, nor did the menu seem too focused on shoving the “locavore” or “slow food” themes down my throat. Instead, those ideals seemed to seamlessly slip in and allow simply for some delicious food to get shoved down my throat…at my own doing, of course.
A spicy sangria was reminiscent of those Luden’s cough drops (don’t let that comparison scare you) that we all considered candy as children, with its underlying sweet cherry notes and hints of cinnamon a pleasant surprise. The Ginger Rogers was another hit, a bubbly lemon-lime-ginger infusion that was perky and delicious.
We didn’t have dinner at Granary Tavern, but the few bites I did eat were nice teasers for my likely return. A chewy flatbread that wasn’t overly crisp (like most) or doused in oil (also like most) was decorated with figs, goat cheese and bacon, a perfect combination to usher in the cooler feel of fall. Two mini biscuits tried to protect a peppery piece of fried chicken from my mouth, but my hunger proved too powerful a head wind to overcome. The biscuits were tender and the chicken was crunchy and, again, not oily at all. Seasoned to perfection, the little sandwich made me smile.
Chicken Biscuit
Smoked salmon atop a piece of toast was highlighted by tangy capers and bright red onions that combined somehow to create a subtlety sweet, vinegary relish that really showcased the mellow smokiness of the fish. Both beautiful and surprising, this bite was just right.

There’s no reason not to stop by Granary Tavern for a drink, an appetizer, a full meal or just a casual conversation with a friend. The Greenway has been all the rage for restaurants recently, and with new places popping up left and right, it’s good to know that Granary Tavern has what it takes.

Granary Tavern
170 Milk Street
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 449-7110
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