Sunday, January 10, 2010

Basic is Best at Douzo Boston

By: Finance Foodie

So a few months back, I took my friend out for his belated birthday dinner. We decided to go to Douzo, as I was lured in by its snazzy website and close proximity to my apartment (travel times are kept to a bare minimum during the brutally cold Boston winters). Now my sushi experiences have ranged from Hall of Fame worthy (i.e. O Ya, Sushi Yasuda) to Hall of Lame worthy (i.e. BONDSt - although the waiters were hot, Todai), so I was pretty excited to see where Douzo would land on my Sushi Scale.

As I entered the restaurant on that blustery Saturday night, I immediately realized I should of made reservations - the place was more packed than the opening day of the Barney's Warehouse Sale! And it was only 7:30! After we were finally seated (one hour later), we scanned the menu and placed our order.

Pork Gyoza - Not bad but pretty standard; tasted and looked like the frozen Wei-Chun dumplings my mom buys at the Chinese supermarket (folds were too even to have been homemade)
Seafood Kaiyaki - this was a medley of mixed seafood (scallop, clam, shrimp) baked in a clam shell and topped with cheese and some unidentifiable spicy (creole?) seasoning. At least it was interesting.
Rainbow Roll (not pictured) and Spider Roll- Not too difficult to mess up these very standard rolls; best items of the night
Amaebi Mango Roll - mango and cucumber wrapped with sweet shrimp and sliced mango: good on paper but not good in life - the overbearing bitterness of the mango made the entire roll unpleasant to eat
Fluke - seasoned with ume plum paste and shiso leaf; once again, the odd flavor combination didn't really work: sushi had an almost herbal aftertaste
Torch Roll - avocado and cucumber wrapped with seared yellowtail, with black tobiko and yuzu sauce - plus points for creativity, minus points for being not tasty

Skipped - had dessert at the party we attend afterwards

So in summary, my taste buds (like Mr. Toad) went on a wild, fairly pricey (rolls averaged $13-$15) and somewhat unpleasant ride that night. My advice, stick with the basics at Douzo and save the theatrics for the theatre.

131 Dartmouth Street
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 859-8885

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eyc said...

watch out for mercury levels

waterless cookware guy said...

I've lived in Boston my whole life and never heard of Duozos, it looks good... I'll have to give it a try

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