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Divine Delights Petit Fours

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By: Anne M. Raso

Sure, cupcakes might be all the rage at the chicest New York parties of the moment, and in case you haven't noticed, the bakeries servicing all the finest fetes-featuring cupcakes make them waaaaaaaaaay too sweet (and that includes YOU Magnolia and Crumbs)! Give me some artisan, handcrafted petit fours any day. As a matter of fact, they are all I want for Christmas! My fave rave petit four maker of the moment is Divine Delights of Petaluma, CA, who you might have encountered at the Fancy Food Shows in New York and San Francisco and has a huge mail order business.

Divine Delights lives up to their catch phrase, "A Little Taste Of Heaven"! They use fresh sweet butter and freshly made almond paste and if you are a marzipan maniac (like moi), you will find a rich almond base to most of the flavors of petit fours Divine Delights makes. The varieties are too great to mention here but are weak for any of their products featuring almond paste and raspberry on yellow cake.

Petit fours are not just for old-fashioned Southern ladies who do tea in pillbox hats and gloves a la Aunt Bea on Mayberry, RFD or their modern day counterparts, the Red Hat Ladies. Divine Delights has petit fours for all palettes for people who believe in daily death by chocolate or just want a good white buttercream fix!

An assorted holiday box of 35 full-size pieces costs around $53 and about $12 to 15 for shipping—the petit fours are packed well to keep the whimsical decorations made of icing and chocolate pieces in place. Fifty-three big ones is actually a terrific price considering I noticed that Grace's Marketplace's bakery was selling individual Thanksgiving Divine Delights petit fours for an incredible $4 each! So you are getting a lot of bang for your buck when you order directly from the company.

My favorite collection is Classically Christmas. The assortment includes the following motifs: Christmas trees, candy canes, ruby red classic round ornaments, marzipan Santa, English holly, truffled poinsettia and Snowmen. For lovers of candy canes, the namesake petit four features mint buttercream and bittersweet truffle cream filled with chocolate cake. I also need to point out that they freeze for up to a year and you can always impress guests by taking out a few non-occasion divine delights just "because." They defrost in one hour to 90 minutes and taste as good as when freshly made (no joke)!

Divine Delights also has a petit four for every occasion and beyond. I totally adore the Marvelous Mice collection for kids' parties. Who could resist a white mouse created from a butter almond tart topped with rich chocolate buttercream and then dipped into white chocolate? Hey, this kind of mouse is welcome in my NYC apartment anytime!


As a New Year's treat for my readers, Divine Delights will giveaway one box of their 36 count New Years Demitasse Petit Fours. This is quick giveaway so act fast!

There are THREE ways to enter:
1. In my comments section, head over to the Divine Delights website and tell me what your dream product is
2. Follow Finance Foodie on Twitter (leave separate comment telling me this)
3. Reblog / Retweet this giveaway (leave separate comment telling me this)

Contest ends Dec 26, 2009 at 5pm EST. Winner will be announced on the site shortly afterwards that night!

[Photos Courtesy: Divine Delights website]


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i love the Pumpkin Spice Tea Cake

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Fudgies for me. They are just precious and Divine. ruthing73 at hotmail dot com

Linda said...

The Trufflecots are my favorite. Everything looks delicious

Thank you.

lilbabypug said...

OMGoodness. Those Trufflecots look so yummy. But I am a Petit Fours nut too. This is the giveaway for me!

lilbabypug said...

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Chocolate Pecan Tart!

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Mmmm...the Truffled Shortbreads

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i love pitet fours

Aisling said...

I know it's not everyone's favorite, but the Apricot Brandy Fruitcake looks perfect to me.

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