Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Community Serving: LifeSavor 2009 Benefit Boston

By: Finance Foodie

Last night, I attended the LifeSavor 2009 cocktail party at the Langham Boston hotel to benefit Community Servings. Community Servings is a wonderful charity that provides free home delivered meals to the ill and their families around Eastern Massachusetts. As foodie who has (so far) lived a rather privileged life, I have to admit that I probably take for granted that I will never experience the fear not having enough food to live. Therefore, I feel it is extremely important to use the tools I have been blessed with to help the less fortunate in whatever capacity I can – even if it is just spreading the word through a blog post.

I started out the evening in the main hall, where I was greeted with a massive spread of finger foods, which was prepared by the staff at the Langham Hotel..

My favorite was the seafood salad. It was a spicy, sweet, and tangy. And I like the taste and texture of little baby squid legs in my mouth.
Champagne anyone?….why, yes please!

The silent auction tables had some really rad items. I placed a bid for the Tiffany’s pendant because that robin’s egg blue box seduces me everytime. And what girl doesn’t love the Tiffany’s bling?
Coolest auction item of the night: two tickets to a B-52 (hooray 80’s!) concert at the House of Blues and a chance to hang out with the band after the concert. Love Shack Baby!
Beef….it’s what’s for dinner.
A mushroom medley!
Water station for all the social butterflies
Balloon station: buy a ticket, pop a balloon, get the prize in the balloon. To quote one aged (but still stately) event attendee: “Takes me back to my childhood birthday parties”
I would say my favorite events to attend are ones that not only provide delicious nibbles, but also have an underlying cause that is near and dear to my heart. Therefore, I was extremely touched to be invited to cover an event whose cause that resonated so well with my beliefs. All and all, a lovely evening filled with tasty treats and charitable individuals.

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