Sunday, March 1, 2009

International Restaurant and Foodservice Show

By: Finance Foodie
This afternoon, I attended the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show in New York City. At this event, over 600 exhibitors showcased their exotic foods, gadgets, and chef-y type tools used in restaurants and foodservice businesses. Translation: a Food Sample Paradise that surely beats Sam's Club on a Saturday afternoon. Below were some of the highlights that I found interesting and /or delicious:

Most Carb-ed Out
Bake'nJoy Muffins: Can I say I've died and gone to muffin heaven? The cinnamon chip muffins were fluffy and flavorful... simply divine!

Most Poppin'
CocoPop Ricecakes: Every few seconds, these machines would zing out a rice cake the size of my head. Served with hummus, these rice cakes make a cute and healthy treat!

Berzaci Gelato: And yes, the gelato was as good as it looked...


Marukome Miso Machine: Miso soup at the press of a button. How cool (or should I say hot) is that?

Most Bling Bling

Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Sauce: The sauce was made from truffles ground right on site. I felt a tad guilty consuming this exquisite concoction as the word "current recession" danced in my head.

Sweetest Shot

Chambord New York's Dessert Pairings: these desserts pair a cake with a complementary- flavored glass of mousse for a double shot of love!

Most Statuesque
A creation inspired by The Phantom of the Opera made from chocolate and spun sugar.

All and all, a great show filled with some amazing foodstuff and food gadgets that were all winners in my book!

Part 2: Dinner at the Waverly Inn (to be continued during the week)...


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!! I've just started blogging myself, and I really enjoy your funny and delicious blogs! I grew up outside of Boston and have since moved to NH, so it's great to hear about fabulous new places that I can put on my list of must-try-when-I'm-next-home!


Simon Ovidiu said...

What I read and saw in this pictures made me see that cooking is an art, a beautiful event that lots of times impresses.
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Wynn Rast said...

that food looks so amazingly good :) here i am starving at 5am in the morning, i think i'm about to pass out lol

Doublebanker said...

Very enjoyable blog...

Your Daily Gif Blog


kyro said...

may be you could post pictures of beautiful restaurants in your blog.I love muffins....eemm

Finance Foodie said...

Thanks for the comments! Stay tuned for Part 2 where I talk about my experience at the NY Wine Expo and Part 3 where I share my thoughts on dinner at the Waverly Inn NYC


Anonymous said...

your blog is hilarious. Can't wait for part 2 and 3!

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to get home quickly and cook some delicious food. You must have had a great time at the food show.

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