Monday, March 9, 2009

Bottle Rocket at the New York Wine Expo 2009

By: Finance Foodie 

I attended the New York Wine Expo a few weeks ago as part of my NYC Foodie Weekend. At this expo, over 300 wine distributors from all over the world gathered in one building to showcase their wines - a paradise for the wine enthusiast, but terribly intimidating for a wine dunce like myself. As I furiously tried to cram as much information I could from “Wine for Dummies” a few hours prior to the show, I realized it was a lost cause. No way was I going to remember which wine was named for a what grape variety from which region. Therefore, I decided to highlight the wines at the show with the best bottle / label design. Not the most scientific method (winos can stop reading this post right now), but a good bottle design can go a long way, especially for a novice like myself.

#5: Jaj de Jau (Syrah) – apparently this wine label was designed by Ben Vauthier, a famous contemporary artist in France. I thought the black and white was tres chic and very sleek.
#4: Swedish Hill (Port) – I have a weakness for donkeys, especially singing ones. This bottle was just too cute and playful not to mention
#3: Iron Chef (assorted) – This is a cheesy way to capitalize on a popular show, but I am a big fan of the show. [Ed Note: the Iron Chefs don’t actually use this wine on the show.]
#2: Anarchy and Loco (White) – Rebelliousness that I like!

#1: German wine (Red) – I actually forgot the name of this wine because I was so enamored by the bottle. As a bonus, the bottle could totally be used as a decorative piece after the wine is consumed. Killing two birds with one stone. Awesome!
All and all, a fabulous and unique experience, but I felt completley out of my league among all the wine connoisseurs that attended the event. I think I will stick to blogging about what I know best: food and cocktails!

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Anonymous said...

The German wine is the best among what you've put up. I think more than the wine, the bottle would leave you intoxicated.

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