Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Modern Mediterranean Diet with Pangea Nutrition Meal Delivery

By: Finance Foodie

The Mister and I have always had a goal of cooking more and eating out less (super hard in Manhattan - the land of never ending delicious restaurants just waiting to be sampled). However, as we have gotten older and more aware of our health, we've decided to make a conscious effort on this goal.  When we found out of about Pangea Nutrition, a meal kit delivery service that has a modern take on the classic Mediterranean diet, we just had to give it a test run.

Pangea Nutrition delivers weekly via Amazon Fresh and includes three lunches, three dinners, plus snacks for two people each week. It requires just three nights of cooking and most meals take less then 30 minutes to prepare. Best of all, each meal is only $12.50, which makes it more affordable than dining out or even the local greasy takeout option.
Our menu for the week
Before our trial week, we received an email stating the menu for the week and when to look out for the delivery (since there are perishable and fresh items in the kit, it is advised that someone can refrigerate the items as soon as they arrive). We received a Greek themed kit - complete with recipe cards for each day and a fact card explaining the benefits of a Mediterranean diet.
Ingredients needed for Meal #1
The Good? All the meals were super easy to prepare - there were step by step instructions along with photos on each of the cards so even a cooking novice like myself was able to follow along easily. I also liked that we got full sized brand name containers of the condiments used for preparation (as opposed to some other meal kits that only give you single size generic packets of these items), so there was more than enough for these meals plus leftovers to add to the kitchen cabinet.
Vibrant Veggies
What could be Improved? The ingredients for all the meals come mixed together in paper grocery bags, so it was up to us to figure out item what goes with what recipe. Also, each week is pre-set, so there is no option to substitute meals (I ended up leaving out items I didn't care for in some recipes).
Finished Product! 
Overall, I thought the meal kit was an excellent, affordable and efficient way for us to eat healthier while helping us get more acquainted with cooking our own meals. Furthermore, since the recipes are simple, there is little room for error so everything tasted great. Although I still plan to take advantage of all the NYC dining scene has to offer, I will definitely be using Pangea Nutrition when I feel like a home cooked meal!

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