Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ballin’ in Brooklyn: Like a Local Tours’ Williamsburg Bites Food Tour

By: Finance Foodie

The Mister and I are absolutely obsessed with taking walking food tours as a way to explore new neighborhoods, imbibe in delicious gems while getting some outdoor exercise (yes we are the couple who wear the matching athletic gear walking around town). Since we stayed local this past Labor Day weekend, we decided to take Like a Local Tours’ Saturday Williamsburg Bites Food Tour. In our numerous years of living in Manhattan, we realized we had never been to the hipster hangout across the river! Given that the city traffic pretty much dies during Labor Day weekend, we thought there was no better time to check out the local flavor in this trendy Brooklyn enclave.
Williamsburg Waterfront

So at 2PM, we met up with our group of hungry history lovers and our Bed-Stuy native tour guide Ben at Station Restaurant. Right off the bat, we were greeted with welcome cookie from the restaurant (although not officially part of the tour, it was still a great way to kick the afternoon off!).
Best Pizza
Our first stop was Best Pizza, the unofficial “BEST” pizza place in BK. The store, with its paper plate art and mini ATM machine, definitely felt a bit too cool for school, but the pizza was exceptional (the dough and mozzarella is handmade in store). The white slice with caramelized onions and a baked sesame crust was really unique and simply divine.
Momofuku Milk Bar
Our next stop was crack pie and cereal milk heaven Momofuku Milk Bar. Although there are many locations of this sweet shop favorite in Manhattan, the Williamsburg location is their commissary where all the delectable desserts are created and shipped around town. At this stop, each of us got a full sized Compost Cookie (their version of the Kitchen Sink).
Pies and Thighs
Our third stop was a healthy distance away (thankfully it was a nice day) but oh was it worth the walk! We came away with a mini meal of fried chicken, biscuit and grits at Southern cuisine paradise Pies and Thighs. Being from Texas – the home of great Southern cooking – I can 100% say this place gives a few of my hometown joints a run for its money.
I was feeling a bit thirsty so I was really glad our next destination was Devocion, a cute and (of course) hipster haven for coffee, teas and pastries. I ordered the apple, strawberry and mint ice tea, which was delightfully refreshing - I loved the little chunks of fruit floating up top. I could spend all day in this loft like space (complete with skylight and greenery!) – this spot is for sure not your standard and sterile Starbucks.
Saving the best for last, our final destination was OddFellows Ice Cream’s flagship shop. Known for its wacky but somehow still delicious homemade ice creams (Foie Gras Ice Cream anyone?), OddFellows was a great place to end the tour on a sweet note! My full scoop of Thai Ice Tea ice cream tasted remarkably just like the real thing (in frozen form, natch).
Tour Guide Ben (L) leading our group
After spending almost three hours exploring North to South Williamsburg, I for sure have come away with a newfound appreciation of the culinary capabilities of the (rapidly gentrifying) mini-Lower East Side across the river. Like a Local Tour made me feel like a local (literally) and provided a great base for me to conduct more visits and discoveries in the future.

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