Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hurry to Haru: Seasonal Specials from Savory to Sweet

By: Finance Foodie

During this past long weekend, the Mister and I decided to explore the Theater area dining scene before seeing a show on Broadway. We were both in the mood for something Asian, so we decided to go to Haru's Midtown West location. I remember ordering delivery (often) from Haru on Seamless back in my investment banking days, so I figured I'd pay a visit to the restaurant that I accumulated so many takeout boxes and bags during those long work nights.

We started our meal off with a Cucumber Gimlet ($14) and Passion Fruit & Lychee Saketini ($14). Both cocktails are limited-time-only cocktails created to bring a bit of warmth to otherwise chilly temperatures outside. The Cucumber Gimlet, made with fresh cucumber, lime, cilantro and 34-times-distilled Purity vodka, was clean but definitely had a strong kick (the ideal drink if you want to "let loose"). The Passion Fruit & Lychee Saketini was sweet and sugary - the Don Q Pasión rum with nigori sake, lychee purée, and pineapple juice made for the perfect girly girls drink and/or those who like their alcohol masked with fruity goodness LOL. (PS - you can make this drink at home - all your need is some high quality ingredients and your choice of a good quality blender)
Cucumber Gimlet (L) and Passion Fruit & Lychee Saketini (R)
Since Haru is known for their creatively cool and innovative rolls, I had to have one Haru's Special Sushi Rolls, the Bride of Dragon ($18). This 8 piece avocado wrapped around eel, crab and egg roll topped with red and black caviar was divine and generously portioned - and the highlight of the entire meal!
Bride of Dragon Roll 
The sushi was surprisingly filling, but I had to sample the Crispy Halibut with Fresh Winter Mix ($27), which is part of Haru's current seasonal menu (the other new items, the Chicken Dumplings and the Black Forest Roll, sounded delicious but I had no more room in my stomach). The Crispy Halibut tasted like a Japanese take on fish and chips (minus the chips - this is New Year's Resolution season after all!) The winter salad of snow peas, carrots and jicama lightly tossed with lemon dressing was a light and refreshing complement to the heavier halibut.
Crispy Halibut with Fresh Winter Mix
I was super full - the portions at Haru are more than generous - but I had to end my meal on a sweet and traditional note. The Mochi Ice Cream ($8.50) did the trick - a solid and dependable choice for a dessert that is sweet but not cloying.
Mochi Ice Cream (Vanilla, Mango, Green Tea)
Overall, Haru is a great and convenient place to go for pre Broadway lunch or dinner - I'll be sure to stop by again before my next show!

Haru Times Square
229 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 398-9810
Cuisine: Japanese

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