Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Guerlain Spa Revisited: Their Microcurrent Facial Really Gave Me A “Lift”!

By: Anne M. Raso

It’s always a pleasure to visit the tranquil, marble-covered Guerlain Spa in the Waldorf Towers over in midtown. It’s actually like stepping into a whole different part of the world—possibly a Tuscan spa—thanks to the contrast between what’s going on out in the streets and what’s going on in the spa. Guerlain Spa treats its guests like royalty—you will find yourself with a glass of champagne or cappuccino in hand less then three minutes after entering the lobby, and you have the option of lounging around in a wonderful waiting area with tables and banquets or “taking a steam” before starting your service. (By the way, after your service, there is always a delicious artisanal chocolate and bottle of water waiting for you—and each service suit has luscious private showers, bathrooms and storage unit complete with built in phone chargers.)
Front Entrance

I was invited to test the anti-aging Microcurrent Facial which reportedly gives the effect of a non-surgical facelift and costs a “reasonable for NYC” $150. Many clients have it added onto their regular facial regime (including the famous Energizing and Skin-Saver Facials) but I wanted to try it on its own to see the much hyped “immediate results’ it supposedly gives.
Treatment Room
After applying hot washcloths, and then massaging my face and shoulders with Guerlain’s Secret De Purete Cleansing Milk (wow, that felt like a bit of heaven), my technician Livia thoroughly got off the last bit of my makeup with Guerlain Secret De Purete Eye & Lip Remover and Guerlain Ochidee Toner. Wow, I was so relaxed after that if you told me I was going to the electric chair, I wouldn’t have flinched, LOL! Livia was indeed kind enough to tell me the strong and weak parts of my skin without trying to sell me any products. She mentioned that I needed to exfoliate more and start using an anti-aging serum (as opposed to a cream) since I have aging combination skin that tends to be very oily on the nose and chin.
Microcurrent Machine
Speaking of electricity, Livia then warmed up the large white microcurrent machine, which was large but much simpler than I expected. It just features about a dozen buttons—mainly, which determine level of the current’s intensity—and a few metal “pens” as Livia calls them. Guerlain’s well-trained facial folks look at client’s faces under an intense magnifying two-way mirror so they know where to apply stronger currents. Livia used the maximum level “circuits” on my “11’s” and nasolabial folds, and a little bit less on the “half moon” circles under my eyes, which are not quite as deep. The Microcurrent Facial is only 30 minutes but Livia spent extra time with me answering questions about which services and products would work bets for me—and questions about the machine and who invented it! As with all facial and body services at Guerlain, I was offered a complimentary makeup application afterwards. I did not take them up on their offer just because I wanted my skin to “air out” and take in the effects of the facial without makeup interfering. You do get a little bit of a tingle when the machine is on a high intensity, but it is not uncomfortable in any way. I noticed that it gave me an unexpected benefit—it cured the headache I had when I walked in the spa from a busy day running around the city all morning!

And about the results? Did I really look younger? Well, I have to be totally honest and my lines looked at least 50 per cent “flattened out.” It looked like my “11’s” had gotten a little Botox and the area under my eyes definitely no longer looked puffy or lined. My nasolabial folds were also greatly improved. I am going to be checking daily to see how the results held up but so far, I look the same as when I left the table! For more info on the Microcurrent Facial and other great services at the Guerlain Spa, go to  Their front desk staff has a lot of patience so they will answer all and every question about the Micro Current Facial and any other services.

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