Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Power Lunch: Cheesy Egg Spinach Pasta Recipe

By: Finance Foodie

As a follow up to my protein packed breakfast, my creative juices kicked into overdrive to create a healthy, delicious yet filling meal for lunch. Unlike the days of leisurely long lunches as a student, my lunch breaks are now limited to an hour, so I also needed something I could cook quickly the day before that is easily packed and reheated. So without further ado, I present the Cheesy Egg Spinach Pasta!

Cheesy Egg Spinach Pasta
Serving Size: 1 
Calories: 660 
Protein: 22g 

2oz dry 365 Brand spinach spaghetti (200 cal, 7g protein)
1/2 cup Mia's Kitchen Nonni's Special Arrabiata pasta sauce (70 cal, 1g protein)
1oz  Spanish Guyere cheese block, sliced (120 cal, 8g protein)
1 tbsp Bertolli EVOO for taste (120 cal)
1 egg (90 cal, 6g protein)
1/2 tbsp Bertolli Extra Light olive oil for sauteing (60 cal)
(optional) Dash of salt and sugar, sprinkle of sesame seeds

Boil 5 cups of water on stovetop. Add pasta and cook on HIGH heat for 15 minutes or until pasta is tender. On a separate burner, saute egg with Bertolli Extra Light olive oil and a dash of salt and sugar. Drain pasta and place in bowl. Add pasta sauce, egg, cheese, EVOO, salt, sugar and sesame seeds. ENJOY with your a glass of red wine (optional - but usually necessary)! I recommend my latest favorite - Ice Cream Cellars Espresso Red Wine - inspired by the Espresso Gelato in Italy, it's like a dessert and drink in one!

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