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Glacial Gourmand: Top Chef Seattle Episode 15 Recap

By: Finance Foodie

Ok, I admit - my hectic schedule these days has kept me from diligently watching my favorite reality show of all time, Top Chef.  But thanks to On Demand (and some possibly illegal streaming TV internet sites based in China), I've been somewhat able to keep up with all the drama this season in Seattle.

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Last Wednesday, I arrived back at home after a long trip in New York City. The weather was disastrously rainy and snowy, so I was (secretly glad) to stay in and catch up on my weekly TV shows. Luckily, Top Chef was on so here is a look at what happened in the (oh-so-appropriately titled for the weather outside) Glacial Gourmand episode.

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The three remaining contestants - Brooke, Josh and Sheldon - hopped in a helicopter and then took dogsleds to the camp that serves as a base for the Iditarod. The challenge was to create a dish using ingredients found in the camp. Since this was the last Quickfire before the finale, the winner got the special prize of a handshake and the knowledge they won. Lame, I know. Brooke created a pan-roasted halibut, panzanella salad, with red currant & beet vinaigrette; Josh made a cornmeal cake with Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs & smoked salmon and Sheldon also concocted a pan-roasted halibut but with tomato sauce, sesame bok choy & pickled radish. Who was the winner? My girl Brooke of course (clearly her dish was the best of the three - no brainer here).

Elimination Challenge
Padma ushered the chefs back to the inn where they found Mr. BAM himself Emeril and street food king Roy Choi (of the LA based Kogi food trucks fame) making them lunch. After Roy and Emeril spoke about their journey to fame and food, they presented the cheftestans with their challenge – to make dishes that represent the moment that they discovered that they wanted to be chefs. To add to the pressure, their dishes would be presented at the Governor’s mansion for the Governor and First Lady of Alaska.  Sheldon, who was possibly trying to suck it up to judge Roy, created a Chinese-themed pan-roasted rockfish with spot prawns and baby vegetables - inspired by the judge himself. The fish and prawns were beloved by the judges, however the broth was overdone and salty. Brooke, inspired by her mom’s home cooking, made braised chicken and quail with carrot barley & pickled vegetables. Wolfgang Puck (one of the esteemed judges) chided Brooke for overcooking the quail, but overall the judges sang her praises. Josh, inspired by first time he had foie gras, served foie gras torchon three ways. Gail thought the torchon wasn't set and Tom C thought Josh had stretched himself too thin but attempting to cook torchon in a day.
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And the winner? Brooke, unanimously and unsurprisingly. Sheldon was good enough to beat out Josh and will join her in LA for the finale. The last contestant will be the winner from the online Last Chance Kitchen. Who is it going to be? Well I guess I'll have to tune in an find out!

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