Thursday, October 18, 2012

Party All Fall: Carlos Santana's Tequila and Kohl's Spring Preview

By Anne M. Raso

[Continued from Party All Fall Part 1]

Carlos Santana is a man with a whole empire these days, and it includes custom guitars, lady's shoes and more. Most recently, he hooked up with Casa Noble tequila as an owner and there was a small, private event thrown in his honor at the uber exclusive Core Club in Midtown. Santana's decision to become an owner is most definitely not about making money as much as it is giving employment to hundreds of people who would normally be struggling. These employees do everything from harvesting the agave nectar to putting the silver labels on the classy bottles and the guitar legend seems to be about the most caring boss around. In case you are not familiar with this luxury brand, Casa Noble is premium 100 per cent blue agave tequila and is one of only three organic tequilas available.
Casa Noble Tequila
We personally taste tested Casa Noble Reposado and Anejo, which are aged in White French Oak (both alone and in margaritas) and all we can say if that you can see why this brand has won so many accolades and awards, including best tequila" in Mexico by Academia Mexicana del Tequila. Mr. Santana got up and spoke at the mostly-male Core Club crowd about the quality of the product, both from a taste and social perspective. He has visited the company’s distilleries outside the town of Tequila and spoke to many of the employees before investing in the brand.
Mr. Santana
We were lucky enough to speak to Mr. S at the event (after he toasted the crowd) and get the inside story of the company as well as other new projects he is working on. And I could not resist telling him that I do own four of five pairs of his rock and roll-inspired ladies' shoes!


Kohl's recently previewed it's spring line at Gary's Loft in midtown and while there is a press embargo on the clothing for a few month, we can give you a pick at some of the fabulous housewares they have to offer next year. Kohl's has many different brands in their line--including J. Lo's sexy and sophisticated looks (which go all the way up to size 3X) and the flirty Candies' line of clothing for the teen set. Kohl’s is either always giving back 15 percent in Kohl's Cash or running 15 percent off coupons in the newspaper and on the net, so it's hard to beat their bargains.
Kohl's Houseware Items
Our hats off to their clothing and housewares stylists who set up the store's media previews--everything is organized by season and color and it's easy to plan what you want to run editorially...and of course, what you want to eventually buy for yourself! There is always a fabulous bed linen display that rivals that in Bloomingdale's and the high-end linens stores like Pratesi. I can't say much else except, "GOTTA GO TO KOHL'S!"

....And that was quite a social week! Now I go off to bed - till the next party that is!

 All Photos: Anne Raso

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