Thursday, November 24, 2011

The World's Biggest Baby Shower! Doin' The "New Mom" Thing New York Style!

By: Anne M. Raso

Big City Moms, the largest social group for moms, and, the only multi-platform brand focused on expectant and first-time parents, teamed up to host the 10th Annual Biggest Baby Shower last week.

The Biggest Baby Shower promised to be the "it" party for expectant moms and new parents in NYC. More than 1,000 moms-to-be were in attendance, browsing and shopping the latest and hottest essentials for their modern parenting lifestyle, all while being treated to fabulous food, mocktails, spa activities and educational seminars.
 We fell in love with the Beginning Celebration Natural Wax Candle, the first candle made for both baby and momma that promotes a peace-loving atmosphere (we're hoping that these candles keep babies from crying, LOL)! attended and was overwhelmed at the amount of expectant moms were assembled in one place. It must have been some kind of Guinness Book Of World Records record-breaker (and was also great for feeling thin when we're usually the chunkiest people at a chic event, since we are, after all, foodies)! There were not only great and endless snacks from Big Daddy's, Pop Chips and numerous bakeries around town, but there we were impressed with the swag that the moms walked away with which included a Diaper Genie and then a gargantuan bag full of about 40 baby items!
We were happy to see that about half the expectant moms had their significant other tagging along, and we got a special kick out of the new line of customized Daddy Scrubs for men to wear in the delivery room! We'll be back next year. This "baby shower" is so much much bigger than your normal garden variety that you really need a solid four hours to go visit every table and to sample all the types of interesting food being offered!

[Photos: Anne Raso / Big City Moms]

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