Monday, October 24, 2016

Gwen Stefani back again on "The Voice"

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Gwen Stefani is going to be a judge on "The Voice" for the third time now. She has also been on the show twice as an adviser. The last time she appeared was in season 10 when she appeared as an adviser. After season ten she took a break from the show to go on tour. She is touring North America. Her tour is titled, "This is what the truth feels like".

In coming season Stefani will be a coach. This means that one of the current four will not be in Season 12 of "The Voice". Definitely it will not be boyfriend Blake Shelton who is a perennial coach. Neither will it be Adam Levine the other perennial coach.

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Miley Cyrus will be taking a break for Season 12 but she will back in Season 13. The fall of 2017 is not a long a wait for her fans to see her again in "The Voice". That is not to say that she will not be missed. It will be exciting to see Gwen Stefani and her boyfriend on the screen together again. This is despite the fact that they will be competing against each other. Undoubtedly their relationship will undergo scrutiny. It will be like a reality show inside the musical competition. It will be fun to see how they manage to separate personal life and professional life.

We do wish the love birds the best in their relationship. There is no doubt the pair bring a certain level chemistry to the show that adds that "Shefani" feel.

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