Thursday, January 28, 2016

Appetizing Food and Mouth Watering Photography

By: Finance Foodie in collaboration with GameVillage

I have always been very passionate about food and all the happiness that comes along with it. I take pride in all the food I make and my family just adores my cooking. But one day I decided to take it to more than being just a passion for cooking at home.

I have had a very expensive camera that was gifted to me a long time back but only pulled it out when my kids had a birthday party or when they had some event at school. It all started when a neighbor of mine casually suggested to bring out the camera and take a quick picture of what I had made. The picture turned out even better than what the pie actually looked like.

It slowly took off from there and I now participate in these annual food photography contests where I am quite known with the rest of the photographers as well. There are numerous contests that I participated in and have won quite a few prizes too. Being a mother of three, it hasn’t been so hard for me to always give my family the best of cuisine and all the while I was home I was also being immensely productive. I now have a hobby that I absolutely enjoy doing and with which I have come across some very interesting people that share the same passion as me. This makes it all the more easier to relate to them and connect with people.

I know all that there is to know about food and have put whatever I have learned into cookbooks, magazines and has even been used in menus of a few restaurants. So there is a lot of money that you can make just by being a bit creative with your food and experimenting a bit. So get out there and explore the world of food as there is so much to learn.

Food photography has evolved a lot over the past few years and has become highly competitive now. So unless you are aware of what the latest trends are in terms of techniques being used to make the dish look all the more tempting, you get left behind. Recently, I was awarded with a very expensive barbecue set from an online bingo site. This I won taking part in one of bingo promotions on GameVillage which gives out exciting prizes to players. So come try your luck on this incredible site and who knows, you could be winning prizes too!

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