Monday, July 15, 2013

Five Aphrodisiacs Broken Down

By: Samantha Miriam, in collaboration with Adam and Eve

Aphrodisiacs have long since been debated in and outside of the science community. Many think foods labeled as aphrodisiacs contain chemicals that can help incite desire, virility, and pleasure, while others think it's just a placebo effect and some just think its complete crap.

While it could really all be a bunch of BS, it is still kind of fun to believe. Mind over matter, right? Plus, if eating can make your sex life better, then sign me up.
I suppose it's a personal thing, but no matter your thoughts there are some food choices out there that seem to routinely show up on the aphrodisiac list. So you can take it all with a grain of salt or consider playfully mixing in a few of these items with a night of wine (aphrodisiac!), a trip to sexy clothing and see what happens. Everyone wins!

Check out the list and see how you can add it into your weekly cuisine.
Chocolate, specifically of the dark variety, has been considered an aphrodisiac since the first time it was consumed. But besides it's deliciousy goodness, it also contains Tryptophan and Phenylethylamine. Tryptophan is a building block for serotonin which is a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal (it's also the same chemical you find in turkey and supposedly makes you sleepy). Phenylethylamine is the same stimulant the brain releases when people fall in love. Put the two together and BAM, it's a recipe for sexy time.

Almonds are a part of the nut family, so naturally, you know, you can make a nuts joke here. But besides all that, almonds are actually one of the oldest signs of fertility. The smell has been said to induce arousal in women and increase fertility. They also contain L-arginine, which is a substance that is frequently used in medicated gels that are designed to be applied to the genitals to incite arousal. So nix the expensive creams and just nab a bag of almonds.

Honey acts very much like 'Horny Goat Weed', by raising the levels of testosterone in the body (read more about it right here). Honey is nature's healthier alternative for sugar and the main ingredient for Winnie the Pooh's entire dietary make up. Beyond it's stickiness, it can boost estrogen levels in women, testosterone in men and increases level of nitric oxide in the body, which is a chemical released in the blood during arousal. Interestingly enough, erectile dysfunction sufferers have found that honey and tonic works as a great home remedy. Take that Viagra. Use it anyway you like to reap the benefits... on toast, in your tea and even on your honey.

Bananas--you just can't eat them without getting a funny look or comment. But beyond that, bananas actually have lots of nutrients that are essential to sexual hormone production like potassium and B vitamins. While some people believe the forbidden fruit was an apple, Islamics believe that it was a banana. So get your nana on. Maybe it won't do anything, maybe it will, but at least it's good right and great post work out and pre work out (if ya know what I mean...)

Wheat Germ:
Say what?
Wheat germ is the heart of the kernel in wheat and contains a whole lot of essential nutrients like Vitamin E, folic acid zinc and magnesium. Vitamin E has long since been considered the main sex vitamin due to its ability to protect cell membranes from free-radical damage and balance hormone levels in women. And balanced hormones means having a healthy level of libido. Wheat germ doesn't seem to be one of those food items that jump starts your libido immediately, but it does have some long-term restorative properties that I can get down with. So throw some in your cereal, on top of your oatmeal or in your smoothie and see what happens!

Seem a little silly and don't feel like cooking? S'all good. You can even traipse down to the Museum of Sex's Oral Fix Aphrodisiac Bar, where they supposedly make drinks that will get you all riled up. Just be sure to bring a hot date.

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